Villa Calicantus

Villa Calicantus‘s vineyards are located in Calmasino, in the hearth of the Bardolino Classico, on the top of one of the highest hill of south – east lake of Garda. The vineyards have a south-west sun exposure, at only two kilometres from lake of Garda and twenty from the beginning of the Alps, with hot summer Mediterranean climate during the day, moderated by fresh air from the mountains during the night. Thanks to the combination of this great position, the climate and the manual work done in the vineyards, we are able to obtain always the right degree of grapes ripening.
Villa Calicantus is a dream, a dream made of passion, respect and love for our land. Our dream is to demonstrate that, through a strict organic approach in the vineyards, it’s possible to produce a “vin de garde” in Le Bardolino, an appellation where typically only wines for immediate consumption are produced.
One of the reason why a real “vin de garde” has never been produced in the Bardolino area until now is not its “terroir”, as a lot of people think, but, we think, because of the huge quantity of grapes produced for hectare. For this reason at Villa Calicantus we have reduced the yields at 4050 tons for hectare instead of 90120 tons of the average.
This approach is combined with a total respect of Nature in general, of the soils and plants in particular. For this reason we work in organic since the beginning of our adventure (2011): we eliminated all pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers that weaken the vines and the soil. We use only natural products combined with the positive action of natural herbs growing in the vineyards. This is the only way to have healthy and equilibrated grapes for a great wine.
At Villa Calicantus we use local grapes (corvina, rondinella and molinara) to produce a wine that has all the basic characteristics of a Bardolino (light color and body), but, thanks to our strict approach in the vineyards, with a unique finesse, an elegance and a complexity.

Our Wines