Voltumna is a small family winery producing biodynamic wines at an elevation of 300 m in the Tuscan Apennines in the Mugello Valley – an area where green forests still dominate the landscape, and cool temperatures refresh the vines.

Voltumna exists thanks to Valeria and Marzio who after working for years in an agricultural fund consisting of 2.5 hectares of vineyards and 2.5 hectares of olive groves, found themselves faced with the forced closing of the company for which they worked. They either had to choose a loss of everything they had worked for and abandonment of the lands they had cultivate or taking a risk by opening the Voltumna company and renting the agricultural land rather than moving away and giving up the strong bond that they had formed between them and the land on which they had laid their feet for 10 years.

“Since 2012 we have made many mistakes, many steps forward and someone backwards. We have had splendid and other very difficult years; trembled with cold and difficult economic situations; sweating in the heat, working, drinking, dancing, celebrating and rejoicing. We never pulled back or regretted the choices we made because the pleasure of working the land in certain conditions, of seeing it flourish – you, the plants and everything else that moves on it – is a great honour in which we participate. And then we have fun making our wines: we experiment with new solutions, we adapt like rushes to the wind to climatic variations, hoping that some of our fun goes into the bottle.”

Our Wines