We are a young agricultural enterprise located on the slopes of Mount Etna. We believe in a conception of wine that is above all humanistic; we promote a responsibility towards the environment, the community, our customers, and the future. As such, we are part of VinNatur.

The so called Natural wine movement in which we believe aims at the lowest intervention in general and the absolute elimination of chemical products in the vineyard and the wine making process.

The so called Natural wine growers search to continuously harmonise themselves with nature, this equilibrium yields grapes that in turn need no additions to express their uniqueness. So no selected or added yeasts, not any other vinification additives, and no filtering of the wines

In our own personal interpretation of this unwritten standard, existing for milleniums, we follow the moon to guide our activities, use natural herbs and we allow ourselves only copper and sulphur in minimal quantities and for few rounds of treatment in the vineyards if necessary and add when strictly necessary a max of 40mg Tot sulphites in the wines.

We have a total of 19 hectares of land: the vineyards and we also farm numerous varieties of olives and fruits that are indigenous to Etna.

We produce 9 wines three crus of extra virgin olive oil and many different types of high quality jams.

Our Wines

  • Tracotanza 2017

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