Alessandro Dettori’s Logudoro, “golden place”. Here, among the winding hills of north-western Sardinia, the Dettori family has invested in vineyards and cellars for a historic, natural wine, far from the demands of the market. On the hills of Badde Nigolosu, the highest in Sennori, 250m above sea level, the vines grow in a white limestone soil, cultivated with biodynamic principles.

“We are modest-sized artisans of the earth. You will understand, then, when we say that we do not follow the dictates of the market, but produce wines that we like, wines belonging to our culture. They are what they have to be and not what you want them to be. All of this because we are simply modest-sized wine artisans who make no more than 45,000 bottles, when nature smiles on us.”

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