Il Cancelliere

“Il Cancelliere Azienda Vitivinicola” is the project of our life; it was born to continue the work of our parents and to rediscover farmer work and its traditions.
Our father has inherited the farm from his father and our mother has always worked with him; they dreamed for us to have different opportunities in life and they gave us the possibility to study and follow our own dreams.

In 2005, for an ironic twist of fate, the road that lead us far away from our land brought us back to our origin. We came back to Montemarano thinking about our vineyards, about the wines made by our father and about the future of our life. We decided to dedicate our time to the family farm and now we like to think about this project as a walk in the nature to learn its language and to give us the possibility to live in relax.

At the beginning we had no idea about the right way to conduct the work in the winery; we started to learn about natural, organic and biodynamic agriculture, to observe the vines and the soils, and to think about the potentiality of the Aglianico grapes to grow on the hill of Montemarano.
We found in our parents the best tutors and working with them has been a good way to improve our knowledge about agronomic practises and about vinification process.
We decided not to use chemical products and it was very difficult in the beginning to manage our vineyards and to obtain good results, but it was very useful to understand the natural needs of the vines to reach a good growing balance.

We still have a lot to learn from nature and we understand that it will require time and lots of hard work to reach satisfying results; we believe it is important to have a deep understanding of our plants and to live in symbiosis with nature. It is our strength when facing the difficulties encountered day by day by to follow our philosophy and keep the sensitivity towards nature; this is the best certification we can offer to the consumer. Our dream is to find again the balance between plants and soil to produce wines which reflects the terroir.
We vinify only a part of the grapes we produce because the winery is small. The alcoholic fermentation is done using natural yeasts at room temperature, the maceration is for about 20 – 30 days. The ageing is in wood giving the wine all the time it needs to mature. We have decided to make no filtration, no clarification and no stabilization to our wines because we believe this is the only way you can feel the real evolution of the wine, and we are looking forward in the near future to completely avoid the use of sulphites in our wines.

We think our wines are living organisms that reflect the characteristics of Aglianico grapes, of the vintage, of our soil and our hands.

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