Cantina del Barone

Cantina del Barone is a small family run winery located in Cesinali (Av), between Monte Terminio and Monte Partenio, in the Fiano di Avellino area, in Southern Italy.
The vineyard includes non grafted vines, some of which are centennial, and spreads over 2.5 hectares. It benefits from a micro-climate with strong temperature ranges and from the volcanic soil, very rich in minerals and stones.
For generations, the Sarno family has been taking care of the estate and now produces two wines, totalling about 16,000 bottles: Fiano di Avellino DOP and Particella 928 Fiano di Avellino DOP, the latter obtained from half a hectare of vines which were re-planted in 2001 with the objective of obtaining grapes of a higher quality.

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