This week we officially opened the first Vino Nostrum vinoteca in the Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia. 

The vinoteca, a wine shop that also allows for sampling and hosts wine tastings, is located at Pagari 1 in a splendid jugendstil building which has recently been renovated and now houses luxury apartments in addition to Vino Nostrum. During the Soviet era the building was used as the headquarter of the KGB and, after Estonia gained independence, it was used by the Ministry of Interior Affairs, who have since moved next door. These days the cold war is just a bad memory and the basement is what it always should have been; a spacious cellar with a  great selection of wine.

Tallinn is a young and dynamic city which receives a lot of tourists through its port in the Baltic sea. The city is well connected with Finland and Sweden by ferry and this also made it the perfect place for us to open our vinoteca. Since we currently do most of our business in the Nordics, this location gives us a great chance to meet our clients in person. We were delighted to see some drop by already when we opened last Saturday.


In the near future we are going to arrange different wine tasting events in the vinoteca conducted directly by the Italian wine producers in order to bring wine lovers and winemakers closer together. This way we can make people more knowledgeable about the wines and their terroir and that is part of the experience: to know what you are drinking and who is the artisan behind the wine.

We are very happy to see our entire selection of wines under one roof. Not too long ago, we ordered each wine from the wineries separately. We love all of the wines and, seeing them sitting on the shelves and knowing how far they’ve come, they’re finally ready to be enjoyed. Therefore all our wines are also available by the glass.

We hope to see many of you, as you are all welcome to visit us and taste all of our wonderful wines.