Visiting Mercato dei Vini


Last weekend we attended FIVI’s “Mercato dei Vini” wine fair in Piacenza. (FIVI – Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti, or Italian Federation of Independent Winemakers in English) This was the fifth edition of the fair which has become a very popular place where both professional and private wine lovers meet with winemakers. This year over 300 winemakers were present at the two-day event to promote their own territories and wines directly to the audience.

FIVI represents and safeguards the image of independent Italian winemakers in relation to the institutions and promotes their quality and authenticity. The federation represents those winemakers who manage their entire production line from vineyard to vinification and bottling.


Vino Nostrum Co-founder Saara Pahlberg & Sommelier Fabio Cagnetti

Members of FIVI do not purchase grapes or wines for commercial purposes; they buy grapes from other producers only in extreme cases of vinification needs, in conformity with the laws and best practises. These winegrowers respect the oenological norms of the profession, limiting the use of needless additives, focusing their attention on the production of wholesome grapes that will produce quality wines simply by being guided.

FIVI’s logo, a little man carrying grapes and casting a shadow in the shape of a bottle perfectly resembles what the federation stands for – The smaller, independent, wineries who work hard to create their very own wines. This wine is a reflection of their efforts.


Matilde Poggi, President of FIVI

Many of the wineries Vino Nostrum works with are members of FIVI including Le Fraghe, the winery of FIVI’s President Matilde Poggi. Matilde has contributed greatly to the independent winemaking scene in general and to the federation in particular. We met up with her at the wine fair and she was, first of all, very happy that the Mercato dei Vini has become so popular, attracting more than 6000 visitors this year. She was also delighted about the fact that FIVI is becoming increasingly popular, currently counting over 600 members.

Vino Nostrum will become the first foreign company to become an official reseller of FIVI approved wines with the opening of our vinoteca in Tallinn, Estonia.