We have now finally opened up our online wine shop, www.vinonostrum.com

In our first blog we tell you a little bit about how this all started… It all started in a restaurant on a cold and dark January evening in Helsinki.

That night we tasted a very special wine. The bouquet of that wine took us to the shores of a warm sea, to the land of flower fields and sweet fruit trees. We could smell the sea, the earth, the flowers and fruits. We felt the light and warmth of the sun.

It was the beginning of a new passion for us. We knew that we would never find this kind of a wine from the shelves of a wine store. We would simply have to travel to places where wines like these are being produced and meet the people who make them. It would be the only way to experience new wines the same way we did on that memorable night in Helsinki.

This passion took us on a journey to find more special wines.

Now, we want to share the stories of all those brilliant artisans who practice sustainable viticulture in harmony with the environment and how their knowledge and skills create terroir-expressing excellent natural wines.

Quality wines with character, elegance, body and soul.