The company was founded by my great-grandfather Ciro Peppe in 1880. He was passionate about growing the vines, working with simple agricultural tools and transporting the crops with horses and donkeys.

My father Peppe, born in 1931, started helping his grandfather Ciro Peppe already when he was 9 years old. This way, my father learned how to grow the vine, using his grandfather’s methods and gaining experience alongside a very skillful wine maker. He soon became grower of vines himself and there are now hundreds of acres of vines which are still there as a testimony of his hard work when he was a young man. My father started making a good quality red wine from gaglioppo grapes, which are typical to this are. He opened his own winery in 1973, continuing the production and sale of wine in bulk to satisfy demanding customers.

Since 2009, after the modernization of the winery, we started to bottle our wine. We produce a Ciro Rosso Classico Superiore “Aris” and a rosato “The Marinetto.” Both of these come from an exclusively organic vineyard.