Podere Castellinuzza

Castellinuzza is an old interesting place in the middle of the Chianti Classico , on the way to Lamole and it is also the name of a small family holding started in the early sixties by a simple man full of will power who, after of working as a mezzadria peasant, decided with lots of sacrifices and courage to buy the farm that he loved and that he had developed from his childhood.
The farm is 3,5 ha of vineyards and olive groves in an area of beautiful hills where the vineyards with their seasonal changing of colours give a special outlook to the countryside.

In an area of great natural beauty, vineyards offer a touch of refined beauty to the beautiful hills of Lamole and enrich the landscape with their infinite shades.
But do not forget the sacred olive tree …. That in this area has found his ideal place to grow healthy and strong and always gives an oil with extraordinary taste. The altitude of 500 meters s.l.m. ensures the health plan that is not chemically treated in any way.