Marta Valpiani

The two winemakers, Elisa Mazzavillani and Marta Valpiani, took over the combined 12 hectares of vineyards in 1998 with a desire to make beautiful wines. 2006 marked their first commercial vintage of Marta Valpiani. Together, they shaped the vineyards and the wines have finally begun to garner critical attention.

Mazzavillani does not give much attention to the organic guidelines, but recognizes her obligation is that of a steward to the land that fate granted her. So she must protect, work, and ensure the health of the vineyards for future generations to take over. She began this campaign with reducing the weight of the glass bottles to lower the carbon footprint. She uses biodegradable ties on the vines that naturally decompose over time to supplement the otherwise strict use of green fertilizers. The cellar is intentionally simple and small with very little equipment, because Elisa and Marta work mostly by hand. Energy use is down as well with water and glycol temperatures in the cellar being regulated by solar power panels on the roof and the vehicles running on biofuels. A new chapter began in 2015 for Marta Valpiani with new labels designed by Mazzavillani and the introduction of biodynamic preparations.

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