Giuseppe Cortese

Barbaresco wine was born in the mid-1900s thanks to a great wine expert, Domizio Cavazza, who realized that the Nebbiolo grape variety, since always grown in the hills surrounding the town of Barbaresco but “ignored” by the local aristocrats, could actually give a wine having extraordinary qualities: great intensity and extreme elegance!

“…you have been freed from the austere qualities of your elder brother…. you are exempted from the limits imposed on your heavy and heady rivals, to you every hour is propitious, and every dish is a good companion”. From Ode to Barbaresco, by D. Cavazza, 1897.

This is the story behind a wine that was among the first to be granted the “vino tipico di pregio” recognition (1933), and the DOC (1966) and DOCG (1980) wine appellations, that is how it came to be seen as one of the world’s best wines.

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