The idea behind establishing our winery on the Coast of Tuscany was to produce wines from our favorite grapes: Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Merlot. Here both climate and soil are ideal for these grape varieties, which grow to reach the perfect balance, full maturation and expression of fruit and terroir. We decided from the beginning to cultivate the land following biodynamic agriculture, in order to respect and preserve this immaculate environment, where vineyards are surrounded by Mediterranean shrubs, miles from any modern development, on a pure and lively surface.

The viticulture is accurate and done primarily by manual labor; our high density vineyards are managed with small tractors for working the soil and the distribution of biodynamic preparations which increase the energy of the soil and plants. In this way, we have grapes that give wines full of aromas, flavors and originality. Our primary and binding determination is to produce wines that are fine, clean, direct and delicious with unique and recognizable character. Unforgettable wines that have to be appreciated with happiness.

Our Wines