Contrada Salandra

The Contrada Salandra from Campi Flegrei, in the province of Napels, Campania, is a tiny winery, owned by Giuseppe Fortunato, which produces the Piedirosso and Falanghina wines.
The vineyards are located at between 90 and 110 meters above sea level and are rich in sand, limestone and clay.
The Campi Flegrei (Phlegraean Fields) is a large volcanic area of craters and thermal springs, all of which are the remains of an immense underwater volcano that had Pozzuoli at its center. The Romans believed this area to be the mythological home of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan.
The story of the company begins with beekeeping and the production of honey. Since 2005 the main focus is the viticulture even though the bees are still the queens of the vineyards in order to maintain biological diversity in the organic vineyards that overlook the sea. The Falanghina is trained using guyot training while the Piedirosso is trained to pergolas known locally as pergola pozzuoli.

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