Cascina ‘Tavijn

Cascina Tavin winery is located in Asti province, Piedmont. This area has become very popular amongst wine lovers; it is blessed with old wines and unique varieties. The young and talented owner of Cascina Tavin, Nadia Verrua, took over her family’s estate some time ago. Even though her father still manages the vineyard, the cellar is all Nadia’s. She uses traditional methods to produce the wines. Grapes are harvested by hand and the wine matures in large casks or barrels made of Slovenian oak.

At the moment Nadia is concentrating on Barbera, Grignolino and Ruchè grapes. The latter two are indigenous varieties for this particular area, which has become very popular amongst wine lovers. Grignolino grape produces a pale, light red garnet colour. When it matures, the wine develops bitter cherry or amarena notes. This flavour goes well with lighter first courses, such as dried Italian sausages and hard cheese – well aged asiago is a good example of this.
Ruchè, on the other hand, produces a wine with saturated purple colour with plum notes and an aroma of rose petals. This wine is meant to be drunken young and it is the perfect wine for cold meats such as Italian salumi, bresaola or dried cacciorini and for hard, well-aged cheese.

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