Immersed in nature and its silence, Caiarossa, situated in the heart of the Val di Cecina, on the Tuscan coast, exists within its own area of unspoiled beauty.

Biodynamics reign in the vineyard and the inspiration for the winery comes from geo-biological architecture and Oriental Feng Shui discipline, as used here by the architect Michael Bolle.

The natural slope of the terrain has been exploited to have the grapes, and the resulting wine, moved by gravity as much as possible inside the cellar. The grapes arrive on the top level, (facing towards the rising sun) and the vinification process proceeds on the level below. After the primary fermentation is completed, the wines are then moved by gravity to the barrel room, which lies partially underground, two floors below.

The materials in the cellar with which the wine comes into contact, have been carefully chosen; wood and cement, both natural products.
Light, in line with the concepts of Feng Shui, compensates the negative elements in enclosed spaces. Thus, in Caiarossa, the windows have been designed to let light filter in from dawn to the last rays of the setting sun.

Colour, on the other hand, is what provides a structure with equilibrium and positive energy, be it a house or winery. They counterbalance the materials or act individually. The colour red also stimulates the good and casts out the negative energy in a room. The inner spaces however, are yellow, the colour of the earth and of gold.

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