The company is located in Maso Belvedere, in the town of Faedo – Trento. The property covers about eight hectares, of which 7.4 are vineyards: soils form a single body around the old manor house and the modern winery. The average height of the estate is about 280 m. above sea level, with exposure to the South and Southwest, in a hilly area (alluvial fan of Faedo), particularly ventilated.
The company has two types of Terroir: the one, which is located in the downstream part of the farm, characterized by a substrate consisting mainly of dolomite and limestone soil moderately deep in sandy-loam texture, the other consisting of a ground deeper with larger amount of clay and marl and a substrate composed of a conglomerate of marls and siltstones of reddish color, in the upper area.
The strong character and complex typical of our wines, owes its origin to the presence of these two Terroir well as the expertise and passion of our oenologist who follows the process from flowering bottling.

For some time we realized that it is possible to lead the land under organic preserving nature. That’s why our company is in conversion and will soon be certified BIO.

Our Wines